Wolfram Siebeck: Mrs Hoffmann`s Tales

Wolfram Siebeck
Mrs Hoffmann`s Tales



serialized in Der Tagesspiegel

Mrs Hoffmann is the name of Wolfram Siebeck’s cat. As one might expect, she won’t be taken for a ride where her feeding bowl is concerned. And in other respects too Mrs Hoffmann wasn’t born yesterday, she knows her Shakespeare, keeps up to date via television, and can deliver sweeping statements: »Berlin is the blab of the world, if you want to mewl along it’s the place to be!«
Mrs Hoffmann separates people into dog-owners and vat-friends. She doesn’t like dog-owners and has a deep revulsion of dogs. Dogs run after any which ball, and there are far too many of them besides.
As her partner in conversation, Mr Siebeck informs us Mrs Hoffmann also knows everything to do with the movies and once brought onto a subject won’t stop talking about it. She knows every Sepplhosen film from the fifties and considers Biolek a Rudolf Valentino remake.

Infallibly Mrs Hoffmann, like every cat of this world, follows purely her own interests and they are: plentiful food, comfort and, if possible, floor heating.

With a light-footed elegance, quite in the manner of the cat, Konstanze Berner’s illustrations accompany Mrs. Hoffmann’s tales and experiences.
If a person could purr, they would.

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