Werner Fuld: Paganini’s Curse

Werner Fuld
Paganini’s Curse


300pp with illustrations

Paganini was the first superstar in music history. On his tours the length and breadth of Europe, he used to drive audiences into a frenzy. His performances had to take place under police surveillance, and his play made such an enormous and devilish impression that it took decades until he was granted a church funeral.

Werner Fuld shows in a most gripping manner, how the formation of this legend came to be. Following original sources, he retraces Paganini’s scandal-shrouded career. In the prime of his life, Paganini was the most well-paid star of his time. His decline started when the press turned against him. He was the first product, and the first victim, of modern star culture always hungry for a change.

Nowadays everyone still knows the name Paganini, but no longer his story. For this biography Werner Fuld brought to light forgotten documents and far-removed pictures.

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