Ulrich Sonnenberg: Hans Christian Andersen’s Copenhagen

Ulrich Sonnenberg
Hans Christian Andersen’s Copenhagen

A Travel and Reading Book
With photographs by Rainer Groothuis


Penniless but with the clear ambition of becoming famous, Hans Christian Andersen came to Copenhagen in 1819 aged fourteen and there he was to remain, with the exception of his travels the length and breadth of Europe, until his death in 1875.
From the very first the town presented him with motives for his writing and tracing Andersen’s footsteps it isn’t hard to sample the atmosphere of the Copenhagen of his time:

»The houses are bookshelves, every floor a shelf with books. Here an everyday story, there a good old comedy, scientific works of every discipline, here the penny dreadfuls, there the high-brow titles. I can imagine and write all these stories.«

Ulrich Sonnenberg picks up the trail and takes his readers on a walk through the Copenhagen of »The Golden Age«: from Tivoli to Christiansborg Castle and the Little Mermaid. Rainer Groothius joins him and his photographs offer a unique, unmistakable view of the town by Øresund.

A travel guide with useful tips, a lively book on the history of Copenhagen with gleaming extracts from the works of its most famous man of letters which give an appetite for more – beautifully laid out and illustrated with wonderful photographs.

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