Tanja Dückers: Lost Property Offices and Hiding Places

Tanja Dückers
Lost Property Offices and Hiding Places


104pp (5,000 words)

»Our poetry could do with more such alert moments.«
Steffen Jacobs, DIE WELT

Tanja Dückers’ poetry is sometimes melancholy, sometimes dreamy, she often plays with abruptly ironic contrasts. The interplay of public and private is explored in homages to Emily Dickinson, Hans Magnus Enzensberger and Fernando Pessoa. At the same time Tanja Dückers is inspired by fairytale motifs and urban everyday poetry.


»Tanja Dückers catches today’s atmosphere in miniatures. (...) She creates journeys in her mind, full of fantastic trips, sensuous escapades and quaint punch lines.«

»With Dückers things develop a life of their own, but actually they talk about us and act as agents of our personality. (...) As an archaeologist of feelings Tanja Dückers struggles through hopelessly overgrown layers until she reaches sensitivity.«
Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF Exlibris)

»Tanja Dückers’ latest volume of poetry shows once more what a sovereign and outstanding poet she is. Her language is clear, her images are precise, her metaphors never end in themselves, but are transportation; her verses are light as feathers but her pointes are sometimes as powerful as hammers. Tanja Dückers has her own sound that has a soul and leaves the reviewer with the task to recommend her book heavily with a light heart.«
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR 5)

»Dücker’s poems do not question the world nihilistically and agnostically. They rather reveal hidden and lost layers of our existence with the everyday moaning and rejoice.«
Frankfurter Rundschau

»In her new collection of poems FUNDBÜROS UND VERSTECKE Tanja Dückers interlaces on the one hand the appearances of the outside world with personal moods, but also on the other carefully takles political and social issues in other places. The language’s cadence is narrating, the metre is free and rhyme is renounced.«
Augsburger Allgemeine

»Above all Tanja Dückers impresses with her figurative language and her unexpected positions. In a swinging way she moves through the world of words, uses unusual metaphors and skilfully plays with syntax and sentence construction. By doing so, her poems are sometimes sentimental and intimate, sometimes pathetic, sometimes strange and always a bit crazy. The sporadically absurd humor makes the read light and entertaining.«

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