Sascha Reh: Road Rage

Sascha Reh
Road Rage

fiction, new

240 pp.

>> Ein ergreifender Roman über einen Familienvater am Abgrund

>> Sascha Reh schreibt über den schmalen Grat zwischen Rache und Gerechtigkeit

>> Eine packende Geschichte über männliche Rollenbilder im Augenblick ihres Scheiterns

It is the hottest summer in decades. While returning from a family trip, a car accident destroys the life of the young travel blog creator Jonas Nimrod. The driver, Radomir Milic, a former Bosnian soldier and well-known attorney for family clans, was most like-ly drunk—but gets off scot-free. Barely recovered, he continues to launder money un-checked. Infuriated but helpless, Jonas attacks him online—prompting a duel that nei-ther can win.
In this masterful and atmospheric psychological portrait between digital Bohemians and the Berlin underworld, the prizewinning author Sascha Reh tells an uncompromis-ing story about the burning thirst for justice and revenge, regret and forgiveness—and men at the moment of failure.


»Sascha Reh’s new novel is furiously told, set somewhere between social drama and thriller. Unexpected chain reactions turn Road Rage into an emotional roller-coaster ride—until the explosive conclusion.«—Simone Thimm, Kaiserwerther Buchhandlung in Düsseldorf

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