Sascha Reh: Aurora

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Sascha Reh

novel, new title

184pp (36,000 words)

>> Shortlisted for the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize 2018

Just before Christmas Eve, a fierce snowstorm breaks across the usually mild island of Bornholm. Ole, a local reporter sent to report on the storm, feels the job is beneath him.
By a quirk of fate he ends up in a tank with Eric, a young soldier on an urgent errand: a woman is about to give birth in a village cut off by the snow, and Eric has apparently been instructed to transport the midwife to her. Yet as soon as the midwife gets into the vehicle, trouble begins to brew between these three very different people. When the tank gets stuck in a snowdrift, the reporter realizes where he can find the big story he so urgently needs: in the psyche of his travelling companions.

AURORA is not simply an alternative, satirical retelling of the Christmas story – it is also an intimate snapshot of the relationship between men and women in contemporary society, claustrophobic, fast-paced and sparkling with wit.

»This author’s many gifts are almost frightening. «

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