Ror Wolf: The Poems

Ror Wolf Werke

Ror Wolf
The Poems

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In these poems Ror Wolf’s tone is always composed, although they’re full of strange events, accidents and erotic confusions. Body parts jut into rooms, guns are brandished, and travellers vanish noiselessly into the unknown. The easy lightness of his language and its artistic humour are only two elements of this world, however; the reader never loses sight of the scepticism and melancholy beyond.

Ror Wolf’s poetry is powerful and compelling. For the first time, it is published as completely as possible in a single volume.

»Ror Wolf is the most important German poet of the 20th century.«

»In his prose, his poetry and his word and sound collages Ror Wolf inimitably combines linguistic artistry and grotesque comedy with a terse and compassionate perception of reality and its fundamental constants, fear and hope, pleasure and decay.«
Friedrich Hölderlin Award, Jury statement

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