Ror Wolf: Raoul Tranchirer's Observations on Silence

Best Radio Play 2007 (SWR production)
Friedrich Hölderlin Award

Ror Wolf Werke

Ror Wolf
Raoul Tranchirer's Observations on Silence


160pp (8,200 words), with numerous illustrations

English sample translation (pdf)

RAOUL TRANCHIRERS BEMERKUNGEN ÜBER DIE STILLE is the keystone to the comprehensive Encyclopedia for Intrepid Readers, a lexicon comprising purely of literature: it brings the reader to his or her senses, a radical examination of the world.

An indispensable book for all lovers of the unconventional elements of literature, complemented by the unmistakable collages of the author who has long-since enjoyed cult status in Germany.

The radio adaptation of RAOUL TRANCHIRERS BEMERKUNGEN ÜBER DIE STILLE was voted »Best Radio Play« by the Deutsche Akademie der Darstellenden Künste.

»Ror Wolf’s uplifting and rhythmic prose is discontinuous, fantastic and breathtakingly musical. Cinematic almost, his love for jazz, film and slapstick, for Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy is always palpable.«
Faust Kultur

»Wolf’s texts are impeccably unacademic. There is no hidden philosophy, no professional wordplay, no scholarly wink with the eye. His experiences do not derive from a literary life, but from his findings in a literature of our everyday life, without longing glances on so-called sensuous full narratives.«
Brigitte Kronauer

»The texts of Ror Wolf stand without comparison. He is capable of revealing the comical, the absurd element, the abysmal behind our everyday. His work stands as living proof that ‚serious’ literature may also be hilarious and entertaining.«
Horst Köhler, former Federal President of Germany

»What would the world be without Ror Wolf.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

»A fantastic spectacle! It is exactly this fantastic accumulation of events which makes the texts so exclusive and entrancing. The truth of form manifests itself in immense clusters and their reciprocal relativization. In fact, these accumulations have been dominant for a long time in almost all areas of Western society, publicly and privately: in the supermarkets and in the news, in the disaster statistics and capital markets, even in love and death.«


»Ror Wolf is a Hieronymus Bosch of story-telling and Tranchirer’s Lexicon is his ›Garden of Pleasures‹. (...)
Ror Wolf, one of the most idiosyncratic figures of experimental literature, is able like no other to lull the listener with the appearance of respectable middle-class and academic probity, but then to deprive him of the possibility of consistent behaviour and logic, torpedoing his sense of reality, and even causing him to experience the loss as a pleasure. To the delight of the audience Wolf systematically interrupts trains of thought, denying and breaking up the plot.«
Best Radio Play 2007 - German Academy of Performing Arts, Jury statement

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