Ror Wolf: Pfeifer’s Travels

Friedrich Hölderlin Award

Ror Wolf Werke

Ror Wolf
Pfeifer’s Travels


264pp (26,400 words)

>> WDR Best Seller List, #5

The long-anticipated first edition of poems, ballads and songs, most of which have never before seen print, from the years 1958 to 2006.
Ror Wolf’s lyrical work belongs to »the most delightful examples being published of what is simultaneously the most contemporary and humorous of poetry« (Robert Gernhardt).

»Ror Wolf’s uplifting and rhythmic prose is discontinuous, fantastic and breathtakingly musical. Cinematic almost, his love for jazz, film and slapstick, for Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy is always palpable.«
Faust Kultur

»Wolf’s texts are impeccably unacademic. There is no hidden philosophy, no professional wordplay, no scholarly wink with the eye. His experiences do not derive from a literary life, but from his findings in a literature of our everyday life, without longing glances on so-called sensuous full narratives.«
Brigitte Kronauer

»Ror Wolf is the most important German poet of the 20th century.«

»The texts of Ror Wolf stand without comparison. He is capable of revealing the comical, the absurd element, the abysmal behind our everyday. His work stands as living proof that ‚serious’ literature may also be hilarious and entertaining.«
Horst Köhler, former Federal President of Germany

»A fantastic spectacle! It is exactly this fantastic accumulation of events which makes the texts so exclusive and entrancing. The truth of form manifests itself in immense clusters and their reciprocal relativization. In fact, these accumulations have been dominant for a long time in almost all areas of Western society, publicly and privately: in the supermarkets and in the news, in the disaster statistics and capital markets, even in love and death.«

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»Literature is first and foremost made from language, rather than from thoughts or stories. No other German poet has shown this as passionately and vividly as Ror Wolf has.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Ror Wolf is a pioneer of pop literature. Like Jandl or H.C. Artmann, he shakes and mixes language; like Handke and Jelinek, he experiments with bits and pieces, with our everyday trivia.«

»Once again, these 150 previously unreleased pieces of prose bring to life Wolf’s absurd heroes from the last 40 years, in lines so resilent, rhymes so flexible as have - after Busch and Morgenstern – only ever been invented by Robert Gernhardt.«
Der Tagesspiegel

»Ror Wolf creates literature in its purest form (...), a fantastic, dreamlike journey. Read Ror Wolf, treat yourself to his truly delectable prose .«

»We particularly recommend a careful reading of the closing verses - in which the author himself takes extra pride (and deservedly so) - because he always manages to end his poems with a laconism that leaves no questions unanswered.«

»What would the world be without Ror Wolf (…) Rarely has the puzzling been so entertaining.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

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