Ror Wolf: December's Suddenly Creeping-In Cold

Ror Wolf Werke

Ror Wolf
December's Suddenly Creeping-In Cold


128pp (8,500 words)

Idiosyncratic and incomparable, Ror Wolf’s body of poetry was considered complete.
DECEMBER'S SUDDENLY CREEPING-IN COLD is a new and unexpected collection of previously unpublished poems dating from 1959 to 2013.
Ror Wolf’s depictions of the world are as distinctive in terms of manner and language as are their titles, from »reality’s dark ground« to »the squashing and the splitting«, »nightly noises«, »overnighting in a cold railway carriage as a mountain storm rages in uninhabited areas of Colorado« and »end of the old conditions«.
»Difficulties lifting feet«, »humidity and death« and »communiqués from the deep« create what literature is really capable of achieving: a »very happy state of mind«.

»Ror Wolf is the most important German poet of the 20th century.«


»To hold up a grotesque and absurd mirror to the world, that’s the métier of the poet who is to be read like a good wine is to be drunk: Highly delightfull!«

»Existence is a bit barren within the poems of Ror Wolf, and there is a method to this barrenness.«

»With Ror Wolf everything happens at the same time, and if something is true, so is the opposite. This whole slipping, pouring and crashing world is kept together by the strict lyric forms, the sonnets, the accurately counted metres – Wolf masters all of that perfectly.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»The continuous ending and its constant postponement – it's this basic figure of Samuel Beckett's writing that also determines Ror Wolf's wondrously queer and grimly sad verses. Rhymed as tightly and precisely as Wilhelm Busch's poems, they move through a fantastically distorted world full of horror and wonder where even banal and familiar things seem like never seen before – also in the surreal collages that accompany them.«
Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung

»Ror Wolf is an author who's canonization is imminent. (...) Unique and incomparable is his lyric opus.«

»Ror Wolf’s rhyme-laboratory is reminiscent of those from Morgenstern, Ringelnatz, Gernhardt and Eckenga.«
Bayerischer Rundfunk

Elke Heidenreich, SRF Literaturclub

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