Ron Winkler: Maps Out of Places

Ron Winkler
Maps Out of Places

poetry, new


Our perceptions shape and misshape the places we experience. Despite their presence they remain vague – as vague as we are ourselves.

Ron Winkler delves into a sphere where the communicable and incommunicable are densely interwoven, fed by the many impressions places can give rise to: fleeting and unstable, deeply fascinating, strange and disturbing, often with great power.

If the geography of these poems is unspecific, the world they present is all the more urgent. Via cultural conflicts and colonial romanticism, package holidays and Aleppo, Winkler depicts the brutality of simultaneity and the strange harmonies of the disparate.

»It’s like he’s hacked the source code to our communications – he’s able to capture atmosphere with pinpoint accuracy.«
Oliver Jungen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


»While the world is struggling for clarity and new attributions, Ron Winkler's poetry offers a vague geography, inviting readers explore the heart of language.«
Björn Hayer, Literarische Welt

»Leaves you with a longing to visit the described places – however absurd they (…) may seem.«
mephisto 97.6

»Bursting with unconventional topics, reflections, and associations. (...) Ron Winkler explores various modern lyrical forms and ways of lyrical storytelling at a furious speed.«
Susan Kreller, Freie Presse Chemnitz

»Joyfully playing with imagination and reality.«
Manfred Bosch, ekz

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