Foreign Rights


THEODOR CHINDLER by Bernard von Brentano to Alianza (Spanish/Castilian)

UNDER THE JUNIPER TREE by Nadja Küchenmeister to Cheyne éditeur (France)

PLAN D by Simon Urban to Keller Editore (Italy)

THE BOOK. An homage by Burkhard Spinnen to David R. Godine (US / English World), and Piranha (France)

Mehrere Männer from THE DANGERS OF THE GREAT PLAIN by Ror Wolf to Contra Escritura (Spain/Castilian)

THICK OF IT by Ulrike Almut Sandig to Seagull Books (English World) 

KÄSEBIER CONQUERS THE KURFÜRSTENDAMM by Gabriele Tergit to The New York Review of Books (US / English World), and Christian Bourgois Éditeur (France).

DON QUIJOTE’S SISTER by Martin Kessel to Ars Lamina (Macedonia)

NEVENA and MÜLLER TO THE THIRD POWER by Burkhard Spinnen to Ibis (Georgia)

FINALE BERLIN by Heinz Rein to Penguin Classics (UK/English World), Overamstel/Lebowski (The Netherlands), Sellerio (Italy), Kinneret (Israel), Belfond (France), and sextopiso (Spanish/World)

AS LONG AS LOVE LETTERS CONTINUE TO ARRIVE by Helga M. Novak (selection) to Effigie (Italy)

THE HUMAN EQUATION by Margit Schreiner to Yapi Kredi (Turkey)

ZACHARIAS KATZ by Burkhard Spinnen to Zvaigzne ABC (Latvia)

HERRN BRECHER’S FIASCO by Martin Kessel to Overamstel / Lebowski (The Netherlands)

UNDER THE JUNIPER TREE and ALL THE LIGHTS (poetry selection) by Nadja Küchenmeister to Coiscéim (Ireland / English, Irish)

SELECTION OF POETRY by Ron Winkler to TOV "Kompaniya Krok" (Ukraine) and Posdata (Mexiko)

PLAN D by Simon Urban to Hayakawa Publishing Inc. (Japan)

TRAKLPARK by Mirko Bonné to knjizevni klub (Bosnia and Herzegowina) 

NIGHT NO MORE by Mirko Bonné to Roozbahan Publications (Iran)

THE LITERARY GARDEN CALENDER and the LITERARY CAT CALENDAR edited by Julia Bachstein to Cossée (The Netherlands), the LITERARY CAT CALENDAR also to KPI Publishing (Rep. of Korea)

TREIDELN by Juli Zeh to Ambo|Anthos (The Netherlands)

DECOMPRESSION by Juli Zeh to Random House Mondadori (Spain/Castilian World), Actes Sud (France), Ambo|Anthos (The Netherlands), Minumsa (Korea), Weyler (Sweden), HarvillSecker/Random House (UK), Nan Talese/Random House (US), Host (Czech Republic) and Fraktura (Croatia)

THE HOUR BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF by Silke Scheuermann to Cossée (The Netherlands), Weyler (Sweden), Voland (Italy), Siruela (Spain/Castilian), sextopiso (Mexico/Castilian Latin America), Atlantis (Bulgaria), Centrepolygraph (Russia), Kniha Zlin (Czech Republic), Record (Brazil) and Seagull Books (India/English world rights)

THE ADVANTAGES OF DARKNESS by Ror Wolf to Everest (Turkey)

YESTERDAY’S STREETS by Silvia Tennenbaum to Gallimard (France), Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel) and Nieuw Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

PLAN D by Simon Urban to Random House Mondadori (Spain/Castilian World), Harvill Secker/Random House (UK), Édicions Stock (France), Forlaget Press (Norway), Odeon/Euromedia (Czech Republic) in a pre-empt deal, RAO (Romania),  Atlantis (Bulgaria),  Signatuur (The Netherlands), Forlaget Sohn (Denmark) and Pegasus (Turkey)

THE MAGIC CAP by Markus Orths to Seix Barral (Spain/Castilian World), Lindskog Förlag (Sweden), Muses Publishing (Taiwan/Chinese complex) and  Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla (Lithuania)

THE COOLING STATION by Inka Parei to Seagull Publishing (India/English World), Quaderns Crema (Spain/Castilian World) and MIŠ založba (Slovenia)

THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF GOOD REASONS by Monica Cantieni to Seagull Books (India/English World), Longanesi (Italy), Minúscula (Spain/Castilian World), Edicions de 1984 (Spain/Catalan), Buchet Chastel (France) and Gondolat Kiadó (Hungary)