Peter Würth: Green Love

Peter Würth
Green Love


115 pp (20,656 words)

»I love my wife. And I love our garden. In that order. No question. When it comes to my wife, however, I’m not always so sure about where I rank.«

So begins Peter Würth’s GRÜNE LIEBE, now considered a gardener’s classic. »She learns from the plants,« he writes, »and for her there is nothing more beautiful than when she feels that all is well with the garden.«

GRÜNE LIEBE is a declaration of love for the garden, a paradise that needs constant care and devotion, but that makes life more beautiful with its extraordinary variety, scents and colours. First published in 1997 under the title ›Gardening‹ as part of dtv’s series ›A Brief Philosophy of Passions‹, it makes the case for a love of green things. The book was a bestseller, and has been thoroughly revised and updated for this new edition.

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