Peter Würth: Go for Green

Peter Würth
Go for Green


112pp (14,500 words)

>> »Green means ›organic‹, most of all green is: vital to life!«

Green is setting the trends, green is »organic«, most of all green is: vital.

Architects, cooks, gardeners, furniture designers, roofers, town planners, researchers, agricultural economists and guerrilla gardeners – they all contribute ideas to making our technology-dependent world worth living in and to preserving it.

Peter Würth’s writing is always elegant and knowledgeable, whether the subject is the new vegetarian cuisine, urban farming, trees and furniture from natural materials, Green songs and guerrilla gardening, green cities, green roofs and the garden as a living social phenomenon.

ALLES AUF GRÜN provides answers to the question, how urban people in the 21st century can treat »their« green, how they can use it intensively and increase it.


»A clever, humorously-ironic ›greenology‹ about the yearning for nature.«

»Proficient as well as they are entertaining – these texts are laced with a good shot of irony. This small-sized plea for more green in all areas has got only one fault: It ends too soon.«

»A lovely present for gardeners, valuably bound in linen and handy for travelling.«

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