Peter Kurzeck: And Where My House

Peter Kurzeck
And Where My House

The Old Century 8
fiction, new

240 pp.

>> For the first time, the great narrator describes his time with the US Army in the young Federal Republic of Germany.

>> Finally: The 8th volume in the series »The Old Century«

>> Edited by the estate of Kurzeck connoisseur Rudi Deuble

Frankfurt’s main train station, platforms, tracks, the train to Gießen. As always in Peter’s Kurzeck’s fluid memoirs, the sight of trains inspires mental images. In this work, Kur-zeck takes us on train rides with his mother through the ruins of Gießen, before the cur-rency reform. The five-year-old goes from village to village, always a refugee. Gießen is the very image of postwar ruin and the black market—frightening and exciting at once. At home, his sister learns to write, his father reads Faust, and his mother sews and sews. The family is always just barely tolerated and dependent upon the goodwill of the land-lord; Bohemian songs play in their heads. Later, the narrator joins Eastern Europeans in performing absurd tasks for the United States army and a completely new life begins.
Conceived as volume 8 of The Old Century and published by Rudi Deuble, with original notes from his estate, Peter Kurzeck creates an exciting, witty portrait of postwar Gießen and Displaced Persons in the US army.

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»Once you have read Kurzeck, it is impossible to imagine a world without him. The world takes on its authentic tone.« —Andreas Maier.

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