Paula Almqvist: Missives from my Garden

Paula Almqvist
Missives from my Garden


168pp (23,500 words)

My friends collect them all: Paula Almqvist’s gardening columns. They would at last like them to be turned into a book they can take into the garden with them – a ring binder is just too awkward.

Paula Almqvist, say my friends, simply seems to know what is preoccupying us in our gardens. When, with the best intentions, you go to your flowerbeds and then everything turns out differently from what you planned, you read in her consoling column that it’s just the same for her. When you make fun of men with chainsaws, that’s what she writes about. When your thoughts turn to murder because snails like fresh lettuce just as much as you do, once again you find yourself in good hands.

They could mention a hundred more examples, say my friends, and when will these wonderful stories be made into a book?

Here it is, dear friends!


»An absolutely pleasant read.«

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