Nadja Küchenmeister: In the Glass Mountain

Nadja Küchenmeister
In the Glass Mountain

poetry, new

100pp (6,780 words)

>> Shortlisted for the TEXT & LANGUAGE Prize of the Cultural Circle of the German Economy

Nadja Küchenmeister’s third volume of poetry features work of the highest precision. The poetic “I” of these poems cannot be rid of its heritage; love refuses to let it sleep; death only makes it struggle all the more intently for life. These poems are fragile and tender, anatomising and unsparing.

Nadja Küchenmeister knows how to create atmospheric images that continue to haunt the reader. Her work constantly refreshes our perspective on the world, opening doors we didn’t know were there.

»Nadja Küchenmeister is a unique poetic voice, gentle and composed, although she seems to have emerged from the purgatory between love and death.«
Dorothea von Törne, Literarische Welt


»The poems’ meticulous search for their own roots is striking.«
Christian Metz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»The beauty of these poems creates moments of happiness.«
Deutschlandfunk Kultur

»Küchenmeister employs a dense repertoire of images to tell of the experience of loss.«
Björn Hayer, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

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