Mirko Bonné: Tierra del Fuego

Mirko Bonné
Tierra del Fuego


232pp (48,000 words)

Mirko Bonné sends his characters on journeys into extreme places, situations and circumstances. A woman goes through a break-up on holiday and makes a spontaneous pilgrimage to see the Pope. A young dockworker loses his bearings after a sudden attack of pain. After the death of her husband, a woman searches for her brother and finds herself at a Christmas party where all the gifts are from the wreck of an old ferry. Familial and romantic relationships are always fragile for Mirko Bonné; adults and children move in parallel worlds, always striving to explore the nature of reality and enrich it with their imagination.
In the most far-flung corner of South America, belonging half to Chile and half to Argentina, Tierra del Fuego represents for Mirko Bonné an uncanny borderland, both a place of longing and a perilous realm of fantasy. Permeated with a delicate sense of melancholy, these stories let us see our supposedly familiar world with new eyes.

»Mirko Bonné is a born storyteller.«
Westdeutscher Rundfunk


»This narrative style is elegant, smooth, multilayered.«
Literarische Welt

»In his first volume of stories, Mirko Bonné, who is a poet as well as an outstanding translator, tells about people standing at crossroads. (…) These are stories from the borderland between reality and fantasy, between danger and a secure everyday life.«
Deutschlandradio Kultur

»In these stories, like in his novels, Mirko Bonné shows the fascinating ability to create a sense of floating (…): a quiet author, but one who ranks among the most independent writers of his generation and who is consistently working on his system of referential connections. Sometimes one story can contain several novels at a time.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Mirko Bonné is the literary expert on disappearance.«
Moka Magazin

»Bonné at his best.«

»Mirko Bonné's TIERRA DEL FUEGO is not a mere accumulation of individual texts, it's a composition whose elements interlock subtly (...) A precisely arranged book, prefixed by the Chilenian-Argentine southern tip.«

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