Mirko Bonné: Traklpark

Mirko Bonné


112pp (7850 words)

Mirko Bonné’s poems are entitled TRAKLPARK after a quiet patch of green on the Inn in Innsbruck – a place that the poet Georg Trakl often visited, and a place to which Bonné has been going for twenty-five years, to ask himself: what have you done with your time? What do you love? Do your poems give it back to you? What’s the point of poems? And what will they look like when the world no longer looks like anything?

With a serious intent now seldom found in poetry, Bonné probes questions that have become crucial to his life. Poems of travels across Europe, Asia and America reflect images of childhood and explorations of landscapes. Portraits and adaptations are devoted to poets like Bobrowski, Dickinson and Huchel. Alongside new poems, TRAKLPARK brings together unpublished works from three decades. This makes Mirko Bonné’s fifth volume of poems an inventory, but not one devoted to nostalgia. Poems as green lungs in the midst of the languages of everyday, and the discourses breaking over us – TRAKLPARK is a park of meanings.

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»They still exist: poets who, with existential seriousness, dedicate themselves to the questions of life. (...) Those who like lines full of allusions and the discourse with poets like John Keats, Emily Dickinson and Johannes Bobrowski will be in good hands while reading those melancholy, zeitgeist-critical lines.«
Die Literarische Welt

»Some of his poems are exciting, others of a sleeping beauty, every single one is an opportunity to breath deep and to really open your eyes.«

»Bonné’s TRAKLPARK is filled with nostalgia, not without a pinch of melancholy. Images of childhood, places and life situations appear as if the author is trying to catch up lost time. The linguistically magic conjuration of a brittle memory skilled by modernity, as found in many of Bonné’s poems, seems to be the actual element of his poetry.«
Der Tagesspiegel

»Bonné's poems of childhood are the most beautiful.«

»Bonné manages to write accessible poetry which prompts you to think and reflect.«
ekz Bibliotheksservice

»In the tradition and style of a true poet Bonné spreads words on paper with a certain seriousness. Enormous, beautiful and sad, silent and vigorous, his poems are, and sometimes covered with a smile.«
Bücherschau Wien

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