Mirko Bonné: All The Stars Uncounted

Mirko Bonné
All The Stars Uncounted

fiction, new

What to do with your life when your days are numbered? This is what former Hamburg bridge commissioner Benno Romik has to ask himself when he receives a terminal diagnosis. While he struggles for composure and considers what and who is important to him in the precisely calculated time he has left, his life is upended—in fact, completely blown apart: Emerging from an explosion, injured political activist Hollie Magenta finds refuge with Romik. After the violent protests surrounding the G20 summit, she and her radicalized band of “demolition queens” set cars on fire; but it soon becomes clear that they have even bigger plans. And the closer Dr. Romik and the 21-year-old grow, the more involved he becomes. A race against time begins.

In his new, masterful novel All Stars Uncounted, Mirko Bonné blows up and builds bridges across the thorny territory between generations in an intensely poetic language. With wit and rigour, he powerfully reveals to us the fragility of our age.


»The novel is extraordinary in the fine formulation of its themes and tremendous in the range of mental movements to which it bears witness.
All the Stars uncounted is the profound social novel of a great storyteller who is able to plumb the depths of human existence like few others.«
Thomas Andre / Hamburger Abendblatt

»With his new book, Hamburg writer Mirko Bonné has written an expert mixture of fast-paced political thriller, Hamburg gothic and existential parable.
A masterpiece in the field of social prose, whose leitmotifs [...] could hardly be played out at a more appropriate time.«
Konstantin Ames / tagesspiegel

»A true writer in matters of the heart; a melancholic of old-master variety in whom a kind of childlike impetuousness still rumbles.«
Oliver Jungen / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Bonné shows us, with the esprit of the self-confident virtuoso, the background radiance of our earthly relations.«
Hubert Winkels / Die Zeit

»Mirko Bonné’s novels are compelling thanks to his ability for contrasting historical facts with carefully-wrought language and characters with life’s major questions.«
Lisa Kreißler / NDR

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