Markus Orths: Corpus

Marburg Literature Award (Emerging Talent)
North Rhine-Westphalia Award

Markus Orths



For years the pair didn’t hear a peep from one another, then suddenly Christof is there, in Paul’s flat.
Aged twelve they re-enact mass in the shed. Wafers from the Christmas biscuit selection are swiped for the Host, Paul steals the wine from his father’s wine cellar. But the consequences of the game are devastating. A chain of unfortunate circumstances leads to Christof sinking into a deep cavity of silence.

»Markus Orths puts gender, role, call and identity to the tests and in doing so, he masters the full spectrum of literary form. (...) Comically grotesque, subtly perceptive, or factually reporting, Markus Orths is a narrator of impressive style, a language artist. A lot more is to be expected from this fine writer.«
Lower Rhine Literature Award, the Jury

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»A real alternative to the mass: Exciting and thought-provoking.«

»The story of two childhood friends who lose sight of one another and meet up again years later is so densely and excitingly told that I see a real chance for it in the tough competition for the most interesting of fall titles.«

»CORPUS is a novel about the power of language, of silence and concealing and the power of norms and obligations.

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