Margit Schreiner: Mobilization

Margit Schreiner

On Private Matters
fiction, new

»Every newborn lives before the invention of time. After just a few cell divisions, I already felt that something extraordinary had been created, and I wandered as a tiny blackberry to the uterus in which I resolved to nest. I must admit that I preferred the neutral kindness with which it provided a cozy little place for me to my later, very capricious mother.«

After Father. Mother. Child. Declarations of War (2021) and Mothers. Fathers. Men. Class Struggles (2022), famous Austrian author Margit Schreiner explores in her inimitable way all that is private. Beginning with her earliest years in a petit bourgeois city in the 1950s, the author tells a humorous tale with an always critical eye towards gender roles, from her experiences as an embryo and infant through her early childhood. This is not mere naval-gazing; it is also an astute reflection upon becoming a human being and human history.


»The insubordination queen of Austrian literature.«
Anton Thuswaldner / Literatur und Kritik

»Margit Schreiner dazzles […] with an absurd and utterly irreverent humor […] and with a power of observation that can discover philosophical truths in trivialities.«
Andreas Wirthensohn, WDR3 Mosaik

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