Margit Schreiner: Does Thomas Bernhard write Women’s Literature?

Margit Schreiner
Does Thomas Bernhard write Women’s Literature?

On literature, life, and other delusions

320pp (67,200 words)

In her novels as in her essays, »Margit Schreiner is a radical author, not formally, but in her content. She proceeds with style and penetrating honesty, she digs into wounds, until it hurts and again and again catches the reader in the solar plexus.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

This comprehensive collection of Margit Schreiner’s essays and prose texts is a very welcome addition to her novels and stories, all of which are available from Schöffling & Co.

»I believe she is a very important author.«
Marcel Reich-Ranicki

»A clever, shrewd storyteller.«


»As simple as brillliant. (...) Highly recommended to all readers who like to take a look over a writer’s shoulder once in a while.«

»Gifted with a sharp intellect and delightful self-mockery, Schreiner’s writing is radical yet humerous, and never out of proportion. (...) She writes about the corroborative power of literature, she contrasts the darker moments in life with lucit prose, she writes about love as a fate in need of constant renewal, about her childhood places and the barren places of our age. Rather than lamenting cultural decline, Schreiner leads the tune to a defiant, bold Song of Failure.«
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

»Schreiner has a marked preference for turning everything sound and sacred upside down – or rather, to bring it back to base.«
Die Furche

»Margit Schreiner’s devotes her writing to the unexpected, to the exploration of the unconventional, the incorrect even. This is why her essays possess originality and authenticity as well as high entertainment value – no matter if they reflect on Thomas Bernhard or on cars, on asexuality, on Japan or the most hideous spot in Austria. (...) The right book for all who look for entertainment on a high level.«
Oberösterreicher Nachrichten

»Margit Schreiner is one author I cannot get enough of.«
Österreichischer Rundfunk

»What is the difference between Schreiner and all those show-off writers and talk show small-timers? Very simple: She has something to say.«
Konkret – Book of the Week

»Nimbly moving from one subject to another, she pulls down quite a few illusions about writing, literature, and the world of publishing – or rather, she confirms what the doom-mongers among us have already guessed.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Delightful to follow Margit Schreiner in her programmatic disorientation through life and literature, and to join in her own amusement; persuaded of the truthfulness of the ›on the one hand‹ the opposite of which is ›also true‹.«
Die Presse

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