Mara-Daria Cojocaru: Instead of Subjugation

Mara-Daria Cojocaru
Instead of Subjugation


Mara-Daria Cojocaru's versatile and highly musical poetry allows readers to look at and appreciate the world differently, drawing on foreign sometimes technical vocabulary.
INSTEAD OF SUBJUGATION explores human animal relations in that vein - from earthworms to elephants. Her poetry provides criticism but also imaginative and fresh perspectives on the way humans relate to other animals. Mara-Daria Cojocaru is also a regular contributor to the »Yearbook of Poetry«.

My dearest,

Dearest hero shrew, I’d love to be
As strong as you. With every catastrophe
Not only keeps my backbone ailing
Me, but I remain
Myself eternally and
True: I’d love to have a heart like you
To leap into the punctuated.


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