Foreign Rights



Uwe Johnson Prize 2020 for Irina Liebmann

Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff Prize 2020 for Michael Roes

Friedrich Hebbel Prize 2020 for Berrit Glanz

Horst Bingel Prize for Literature 2018 to Ulrike Almut Sandig for her lyrical work

Rainer Malkowski Prize 2018 to Ror Wolf

NO ROOM LEFT by Margit Schreiner longlisted for the Austrian Book Prize 2018

AURORA by Sascha Reh shortlisted for the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize 2018

A FINE COUPLE by Gert Loschütz longlisted for the German Book Prize 2018 and shortlisted for the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize 2018

Kassel Literary Prize for Grotesque Humor to Eckhard Henscheid

Erich Loest Prize to Guntram Vesper 

Anton Wildgans Prize to Margit Schreiner

Saxon Literature Prize to Franziska Gerstenberg for SO LONG AGO, HARDLY TRUE ANYMORE

Robert Gernhardt Prize and Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Prize to Silke Scheuermann

Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2016 category fiction to Guntram Vesper for FROHBURG


Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2016 category translation to Brigitte Döbert for her translation of Bora Ćosić’s DIE TUTOREN !

Heinrich Gleißner Prize to Margit Schreiner for her life’s work

Basel Poetry Prize to Ron Winkler

Johann Beer Prize to Margit Schreiner for DAS MENSCHLICHE GLEICHGEWICHT

Bertolt Brecht Prize to Silke Scheuermann

Ruhr Literature Prize to Sascha Reh

Munich Poetry Prize to Ron Winkler

Thaddäus Troll Prize to Carolin Callies for FÜNF SINNE UND NUR EIN BESTECKKASTEN

German Science Fiction Prize (best novel) to Markus Orths for ALPHA & OMEGA

Reinhard Priessnitz Prize to Anna-Elisabeth Mayer

Horst Bingel Award (endowed with 8.000 Euros) to Nadja Küchenmeister

Congratulations to Julia Trompeter who received the Advancement Award North Rhine-Westphalia 2014 (endowed with 7.500 Euros)!

Congratulations to Nadja Küchenmeister. She received the Bremen Literature Grant 2015 (endowed with 6.000 euros) for UNTER DEM WACHOLDER. Her third literary award this year!

Congratulations to two of our authors! Mirko Bonné receives the Rainer Malkowski Prize for his oeuvre (endowed with 30.000 Euros) and Nadja Küchenmeister receives the grant of the Rainer Malkowski Foundation

Lotto Brandenburg Literature Prize to Sascha Reh for GIBRALTAR

Hölty Poetry Prize (endowed with 20.000 Euros) to Silke Scheuermann for her lyrical oeuvre »exploring the foundations of human existance« (The Jury).

»Orphil« Award for Poetry 2014 to Karin Kiwus for DAS GESICHT DER WELT

Fallersleben Prize to Juli Zeh for her oeuvre »involved in the dispute about the individual versus the zeitgeist and the endangering of democracy, calling for guilt and responsibility, freedom and moral in times without orientation and values.« (The Jury)

Thomas Mann Prize to Juli Zeh for her »multi-faceted work of prose focusing on questions of individual freedom and responsibility, social values and orientation.« (The Jury)

GWK Literature Prize to Lars Reyer

Ulla Hahn Award 2012 to Nadja Küchenmeister

Stahl Literature Prize 2012 to Nadja Küchenmeister

Stuttgart Crime Award for Best Debut Crime Novel in the German language to Simon Urban for his debut novel PLAN D

Lower Rhine Literature Prize to Sascha Reh for his debut novel FALSCHER FRÜHLING

Wetzlar Fantasy Prize to Markus Orths for his latest novel DIE TARNKAPPE

Mondsee Poetry Prize to Nadia Küchenmeister for ALLE LICHTER

Hotlist Prize 2010 (Best Book of Independent Publishers) to Ulrike Almut Sandig for FLAMINGOS

LUCHS Award for Children’s and Youth Literature to Jana Scheerer for MEIN INNERER ELVIS

Sylt Island Chronicler Stipend to Gunther Geltinger

Silberschwein Award of the lit.Cologne to Ulrike Almut Sandig

Marie-Luise Kaschnitz Prize to Mirko Bonné

Christian Wagner Prize to Helga M. Novak for her lifetime achievement in poetry

Würdigungspreis (Austrian State Prize) for Literature to Margit Schreiner

Hölty Poetry Prize to Paulus Böhmer

Robert Walser Prize to Patrick Hofmann for his debut DIE LETZTE SAU

Lower Rhine Literature Prize to Markus Orths

Solothurn Literature Prize to Juli Zeh in recognition of her »many-voiced and concise contemporary work«

Gerty Spies Prize to Juli Zeh for her novel CORPUS DELICTI

Droste Prize for Emerging Talent to Silke Scheuermann

Carl Amery Prize to Juli Zeh in recognition of her contribution to a critical contemporary literature

Rhenish Literature Prize to Burkhard Spinnen for his short fiction DER RESERVETORWART

Georg Konell Prize to Silke Scheuermann for her poetry volume ÜBER NACHT IST ES WINTER

Shortlisted for the ’aspekte Award’ for Best Debut 2008: MENSCH ENGEL by Gunther Geltinger

Ernst Meister Lyric Prize for Emerging Talent to Mirko Bonné for DIE REPUBLIK DER SILBERFISCHE

Telekom Austria Award to Markus Orths for his forthcoming novel DAS ZIMMERMÄDCHEN (The Chambermaid), runner-up in the 2008 competition for the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Award at the German Literature Days in Klagenfurt, Austria

Prix Cévennes for best European novel 2008 to Juli Zeh for the French edition of SPIELTRIEB (La Fille sans Qualités, published by Actes Sud)

Prix Relay du Roman d’Evasion 2008 to Mirko Bonné for the French edition of DER EISKALTE HIMMEL (Un Ciel de Glace, published by Editions Rivages)

The stage production of SCHILF by Juli Zeh is winner of the Audience Award at the »Radikal Jung« Festival, one of the most important platforms of contemporary German theater

Jürgen Bansemer & Ute Nyssen Prize for stage writing to Juli Zeh for her play CORPUS DELICTI commissioned for the Ruhr-Triennale 2007

Friedrich Hölderlin Prize to Ror Wolf in recognition of his contribution to German language and literature

The radio version of RAOUL TRANCHIRERS BEMRKUNGEN ÜBER DIE STILLE by Ror Wolf has been announced Best Radio Play 2007 (produced by SWR)

The Spanish edition of Mareike Krügel’s novel DIE TOCHTER MEINES VATERS, published by Lengua de Trapo in Madrid, is nominated for the Premio Cálamo 2007

Hermann Hesse Prize for Emerging Talent to Franziska Gerstenberg

Grimmelshausen Prize for Emerging Talent to Silke Scheuermann for DIE STUNDE ZWISCHEN HUND UND WOLF

German Audio Book Prize to Burkhard Spinnen for BELGISCHE RIESEN

Sir Walter Scott Prize (Golden Laurels) to Markus Orths for CATALINA for Best Historical Novel 2006

Per Olov Enquist Prize to Juli Zeh

Ingeborg Bachmann Prize to Inka Parei for the opening scene of her new novel WAS DUNKELHEIT WAR

Hermann Hesse Prize for Emerging Talent to Silke Scheuermann

Hebbel Prize to Mareike Krügel