The Literary Cat Calendar

The Literary Cat Calendar

Edited by Julia Bachstein
cats, calendar
weekly wall calendar

53pp, with black-and-white photographs

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Writers and cats - a love story from time immemorial. Charming and unique in its combination of photography and literature, DER LITERARISCHE KATZENKALENDER is a must-have for cat lovers.

Rights sold

The Netherlands - Cossée

previously published in:
Latvia - Apgads Mansards
Republic of Korea - KPI Publishing Goup

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»No cat lover should go without DER LITERARISCHE KATZENKALENDER – I give it to my friends every year.«
Elke Heidenreich, LESEN (most popular literature programme on German TV)

»Writers, philosophers and cats - a love story from time immemorial, and the only one with a happy ending!«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Adorable, funny, contemplative.«

»Caution: Highly addictive!«
Geliebte Katze

»Sells like hot cakes.«
Rheinische Post

»A must-have for any feline household.«

»Beautiful and much coveted, an absolute must for cat lovers.«

»51 compilations of cat photos and literature that you can't get enough of!«
Nürnberger Zeitung

»The world of literature is most definitely a world of cat lovers.«
Darmstädter Echo

»Has long gained cult status.«
Karlsruher Kurier

»Photos and quotes are composed with cat-like sensitivity.«
Ulrike Sokul, lebenszeichen

»Instead of colourful glossy prints the calendar enthuses with modest charm.«

»This weekly calendar has been very popular with fans of the printed word and cat lovers for years.«

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