The Big Cat Reader

The Big Cat Reader

Edited by Julia Bachstein
Jacket illustration by Konstanze Berner


According to recent reports man and cat have been close friends for 9500 years. It's no wonder that "the ink-well never runs dry when cats are the subjects" as the writer Jean-Louis Hue remarked.

DAS GROSSE KATZEN LESEBUCH draws together the loveliest stories, poems, aphorisms, proverbs, letters, newspaper articles and passionate declarations about this friendship which has flourished over thousands of years.

DAS GROSSE KATZEN LESEBUCH is as entertaining as it is definitive: the ultimate anthology of cats and their owners.The big CAT reader contains numerous texts and stories hitherto unknown and in German translation for the first time as well as stories written specially for this book, stories bz Eva Demski, Franziska Gerstenberg, Elke Heidenreich, Markus Orths, Jana Scheerer, Margit Schreiner, Burkhard Spinnen, Juli Zeh and many others.

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audio book - steinbach sprechende bücher

Turkey - Yapi Kredi

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paperback - Heyne

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»Such wonderful, heartwarming book!«
Karlsruher Kurier

»A lovely and entertaining collection, also makes a very good present, for (to-be) cat holders.«
Vier Pfoten Report

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