Julia Trompeter: Scattered Heart

Julia Trompeter
Scattered Heart

poetry, new

88 pp

A river flows from its source into the sea. A couple separates. People are buried and others are born. Julia Trompeter’s poems tackle the bigger picture: interpersonal relationships, landscapes, philosophy and everyday life. Sometimes humorous, sometimes melancholy, the author demonstrates that language play and formal rigour do not have to contradict each other. The more experimental poems expand the linguistic space, open it up to other tones and lead to serious reflections on mothers and generational issues. The titular "scattered heart" can be destructive, but it can also bring forth something new:

You like to joke
never speak clearly
leave me behind without me
derail undaunted
Not again! I think
When will it stop?

After her prize-winning volume of poems Within our grasp, the author is finally sharing her poetic talents again.


»An appealing mix — wow! Julia Trompeter and such a contemporary playfulness, melancholy, and down-to-earthness. always finds new, astonishing forms like directly touching heart-sound.«
Mirko Bonné

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