Juli Zeh: The Land of People

Juli Zeh
The Land of People

young readers
Age 8 and up

80pp (6,200 words), with numerous coloured illustrations by Wolfgang Nocke

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It is almost Christmas and still there’s been no snow. Robs looks nervously and longingly at his favourite book, which is about Greenland. »The land of people« the Eskimos call it. Absorbed in photos of ink-dark seas, of palaces of ice crystal, clumsy polar bears and brave huskies Robs suddenly finds himself in the middle of the enchanting story of the Eskimo girl Nitta. She explains to him where the snow comes from and why it hasn’t appeared this year. Together they set out on a journey, because only with Robs help can there be a white Christmas!

In her first children’s book, bestselling author Juli Zeh imaginatively and in beautiful images tells the story of a little boy and his love of snow, but also makes links between peoples, tells of flight, expulsion, tolerance and understanding.

The numerous playful colour illustrations by Wolfgang Nocke make DAS LAND DER MENSCHEN a voyage of discovery and a very special reading treat for children aged eight and upwards.

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Previously published (rights reverted):
France - Actes Sud
Korea – Junior Books
Taiwan (Chinese complex) - Linking Publishing
audio book – Der Audio Verlag

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»Just where has all the snow gone? Like most good books for children, DAS LAND DER MENSCHEN starts with a heart’s desire - and a little boy setting out to find the winter. Wolfgang Nocke has illustrated the story of Robs and the ›winter girl‹ with gaudy pop art images in brilliant colors. They reveal a true passion for snow and ice – like Juli Zeh’s own fascination with the cold clearness of the winter season. Bearing in mind the accurate observer and powerful writer she is, this does not come as a surprise.«

»Wolfgang Nocke’s illustrations make her story about tolerance and understanding a delightful piece of art.«

»A gentle, poetical book, captivating and inspiring, but never patronizing. A beautiful story that little snow-lovers will read with enthusiasm.«
Stuttgarter Zeitung

»Juli Zeh’s writing is clear and unpretentious, creating images that are just as vivid as the large, colorful illustrations by Wolfgang Nocke.«
Allgemeine Zeitung

»An enigmatic winter’s tale with splendid and playful illustrations.«

»A lovingly developed winter dream tale to read aloud or on your own, for everyone who is not left cold by the miracle of ice and snow. Illustrated by Wolfgang Nocke – luscious, unique, and colorful.«

»This book shows how Juli Zeh is capable of writing not only for adults but also for children, and without demanding too much of them or putting them on a pedestal. (...) The special charm of Juli Zeh’s wonderfully affirmative and benevolent book lies in the lucidly clear and convincing images that make up her daydreamlike iceland. Not cuteness and razzle-dazzle, but simply an imaginative and concise story about love, fear, hope, trust, and tolerance.«
Neue Ruhr Zeitung

»A magical tale about a little boy’s search for the cold. The winter and ice theme is contrasted by Wolfgang Nocke’s bright, dreamlike artwork. They lift elements from the text up into a gaudy fantasy world – which in tern refers back to Rob’s unreal encounter with Nitta.«
Seitenweise Kinderliteratur

»A dreamy fairy tale about a quiet, white winter, about friendship and homesickness.«
Spielen und Lernen

»Juli Zeh’s first children’s book is a modern fairy tale that bears comparison with the Brother Grimm’s classics.«

»Juli Zeh, qui capte tout de suite la sympathie par sa franchise, son sourire en coin, son ton enjoué, est devenue une romancière reconnue et couronnée de nombreux prix.«

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