Juli Zeh: Schilf (stage version)

Audience Award at the Radikal Jung showcase festival

Juli Zeh
Schilf (stage version)

adapted for the stage by Bettina Bruinier & Katja Friedrich

Juli Zeh’s long-awaited third novel was published in September 2007. Only three months later SCHILF had its stage premiere at the Munich Volkstheater. There it became one the most successful productions of the season and won the audience award at the Radikal Jung festival, one of the most important showcases of new German theatre.

A fast-moving, surprising thriller about friendship, life and love in various worlds and about the physical phenomenon of time.

The book edition of the play text is supplemented with related material, interviews and production photos.

»Adapting Juli Zeh’s complex novel for the stage might have appeared to be a rather bold undertaking. Nevertheless at the Munich Volkstheater it has turned into an impressive success.«
Deutschlandradio Kultur


»Juli Zeh, qui capte tout de suite la sympathie par sa franchise, son sourire en coin, son ton enjoué, est devenue une romancière reconnue et couronnée de nombreux prix.«

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