Juli Zeh: Good Morning, Boys and Girls

Juli Zeh
Good Morning, Boys and Girls

plays, fiction

320pp (56,000 words)

In four works for the stage, the outstanding writer Juli Zeh addresses central questions of our existence. GOOD MORNING, BOYS AND GIRLS collects four successful plays that are concerned with identity and individuality in an age of digital interconnectedness and maximum efficiency, with the determination of life by the media, business and politics.

Where can the line be drawn between security and lack of freedom, public welfare and surveillance? Democracy and the state of law have turned into something grotesque: A cactus becomes a terrorist suspect, justice turns into a cannibalistic system. The attempt to achieve authenticity in a »karaoke world« ends in a killing spree.

Juli Zeh draws us into an unpredictable game. She brilliantly captures contemporary life and its oscillation between reflectiveness and facileness, disorientation and optimism. Her plays are intense, but never too loud. Her subtle satire brings home just how unreliable our perceptions are, and challenges us to remain alert and watchful.

This volume contains the stage plays:

203 (2011)
YELLOW LINE by Juli Zeh and Charlotte Roos (2012)


»Zeh constantly switches the levels of time and reality until the borders of truth and imagination become blurred.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung (about GOOD MORNING, BOYS AND GIRLS)

»The play is closer to the truth than any hysteric attempt of explanation by the media.«
Nachtkritik (about GOOD MORNING, BOYS AND GIRLS)

»An intellectually demanding and rewarding play.«
Deutschlandradio (about GOOD MORNING, BOYS AND GIRLS)

»Juli Zeh has landed a stroke of genius.«
theaterkritiken.com (about DER KAKTUS)

»Juli Zeh, qui capte tout de suite la sympathie par sa franchise, son sourire en coin, son ton enjoué, est devenue une romancière reconnue et couronnée de nombreux prix.«

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