Jana Scheerer: My Father, His Pig and Me

Prenzlauer Berg Literature Award

Jana Scheerer
My Father, His Pig and Me


148pp (26,000 words)

Sometimes, family life resembles a madhouse. No big deal, though, Jana Scheerer seems to think to herself as she sets about to reveal the funny side of our daily madness in this hilarious and charming debut novel.
With her extraordinary imagination, cryptic humour and distinctive, off-beat tone, she turns the everyday life of an average family in Berlin upside down.
The model of »caring for senior citizens« leads to the diabolical plan of marooning an unwelcome pensioner on Mallorca, and the father employs a poor double to replace the daughter’s recent ex-boyfriend. On top of it all, the apartment looks like a pigpen - because it actually is one.

Jana Scheerer has put herself right up with the cream of intelligent humour and entertainment. MEIN VATER, SEIN SCHWEIN UND ICH has literally got that something special: it’s a pleasurable read of the most unusual sort, an enchanting, original debut.

Rights sold

Brazil - Rocco
China (Chinese complex) - Babel
Thailand - Circle

audio book – Buchfunk

Previously published (rights reverted)
France - Buchet/Chastel
Korea - Dulnyouk
Russia - Limbus

paperback - Piper

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»The funniest book of the year.«

»Hilarious as can be. Original and imaginative writing without frills, but with an inspiring sense of humour.«

»A felicitous debut - giving rise to high hopes.«
Nürnberger Nachrichten

»Pointed and imaginative stories, exhilaration guaranteed.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»A delightful read far from normality - but what’s normal, anyway.«
Hamburger Abendblatt

»A picaresque novel full of humour, irony and satire (...) playful, laconic, revealing a fine sense for the funny sides of everyday language.«
Der Tagesspiegel

»Written with ease, amiability and a sense of humor – a wonderful book.«
Berliner Zeitung

»A well-balanced mixture of entertainment and literary quality. 26-year-old Jana Scheerer’s first book offers a firework of humour; scenes that are both rippingly amusing and revealing literary profoundness.«

»Jana Scheerer traces the absurdity of the normal – and reassuringly unveils the normality of the absurd.«

»Whimsical, funny, intelligent, and anti-authoritarian.«
Focus, Literary Pick of the Week

»An enchanting and whimsical debut.«
PRINZ –15 Best Literary Picks of the Year 2004

»Jana Scheerer has written a felicitous debut, a small, charmingly twisted, beautiful book.«
STERN –Best New Books

»Just as funny as its title suggests. Scheerer’s clear language and narrative humor make you want to go on reading forever.«

»Don’t miss: Hilariously funny stories with a serious core, for lovers of pointed and entertaining literature.«
Young Miss

»Scheerer’s single-mindedness in carrying her stories to the extremes is both entertaining and baffling.«
Schädelspalter, Hannovers Stadtillustrierte

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