Jan Wilm: Read.Ror.Wolf

Jan Wilm

With several collages.

150pp (37.000 words)

Ror Wolf’s oeuvre is one of the most unusual in the German language. And one of the most eclectic. Following the publication of Wolf’s ballads and collages in the 1950s, he produced work in almost every genre until his death in 2020: prose, poetry, essays, radio plays, and film.
Jan Wilm considers Ror Wolf’s oeuvre for the first time and illuminates his recurring motifs, his intransigence, and his appreciation for form as well as his radical linguistic, pictorial, and sound innovations. Replete with collages and excerpts from interviews that Wilm conducted with Ror Wolf in the last several years, Read.Ror.Wolf roams through the vast realm of Wolf’s imagination. The book is both a critical evaluation of and homage to the author, who was also Wilm’s friend. Wilm writes about reading Ror Wolf and invites us to discover his work, which was always humorous, melancholy, reflective, existential, and playful. A book for Ror mavens and Wolf novices, Read.Ror.Wolf is a personal and aesthetic answer to the question: how should we live? Read.Ror.Wolf.

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