Helga M. Novak: As Long As Love-Letters Continue to Arrive. Collected poems (2 volumes)

Christian Wagner Award

Helga M. Novak
As Long As Love-Letters Continue to Arrive. Collected poems (2 volumes)

edited by Rita Jorek, with an epilogue by Eva Demski

832pp (68,300 words)

Helga M. Novak was welcomed by Rolf Michaelis (Die Zeit) as "one of the true poets of our time”.

These volumes bring together for the first time her complete body of poetry, from the first book of poems, never published in Germany to the major works which established Helga M. Novak’s reputation and confirmed it through the decades: DIE BALLADE VON DER REISENDEN ANNA, COLLOQUIUM MIT VIER HÄUTEN, BALLADEN VOM KURZEN PROZESS, MARGARETE MIT DEM SCHRANK, LEGENDE TRANSSIB, MÄRKISCHE FEEMORGANA, SILVATICA. Numerous poems are published for the first time in this book, thus, for the first time, the work of a great poet is made visible as a whole.

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Italy - Effigie (poetry selection)

Previously published (rights reverted)
audio book – Gugis (nominated for the German Audio Book Award)

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»As long as poems such as these are sent off, letters to us, whom it concerns, all is not lost.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Germany’s greatest living female author. I would readily toss away the output of the three recent book fairs for this volume.
Here’s one highly underestimated author. Why do we need Virginia Woolf for when we have Helga Novak right here.«
Günter Grass

»A unique voice within comtemporary literature.«

»These verses make you want to write a love letter to the author and tell her that her poems are unmatched, that her work stands past comparison within German post-war literature.«
Hessischer Rundfunk

»Her verse offers a linguistic and philosophical firework display without compare.«
Märkische Allgemeine

»These are language games of the highest calibre.«
Sender Freies Berlin (SFB)

»Both the poetry and the prose from Novak’s pen belongs to the finest of German literature.«
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

»Seldom have I found such a closeness of love and repulse, of longing and reluctance in poems as in hers. An authenticity that starts to almost hurt and that, yes, also that, is what poems should do after all!«
Sächsische Zeitung

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