Guntram Vesper: North of Love and South of Hatred (Nördlich der Liebe und südlich des Hasses)

Guntram Vesper
North of Love and South of Hatred (Nördlich der Liebe und südlich des Hasses)

fiction, new title

688pp (170,000 words)

Following the extraordinary success of his novel FROHBURG (winner of the Leipzig Book Fair Prize), Guntram Vesper is now publishing his collected prose.

NORTH OF LOVE AND SOUTH OF HATRED is more than a book about Germany; it is a book about our contemporary age. In stories remembered, reconstructed and imagined, in fragments, short novels and long anecdotes, Vesper writes about the city and the countryside, about living in the suburbs and in villages, about neighbours and relatives, home and abroad, weapons and dreams, idylls and brutality: about German reality and truth.

»Guntram Vesper’s work is a tremendously significant attempt to break through to the absolute – through storytelling, gathering and repetition.«
Wiebke Porombka, Die Zeit


»A genuine narrator. Once you have read him, you will not forget him.«
Klaus Walther, Freie Presse

»Follows the author on his long and winding road through time.«
Ekkehard Schulreich, Leipziger Volkszeitung

»From the fusion of archaic village stories, autobiographical episodes and precise observations of contemporary developments and conflicts emerges Vesper's unique tone.«
Thomas Schaefer, Badische Zeitung

»This new collection confirms how Vesper always draws from his own experiences, while including other fates and lives, thus, making his work a German chronicle.«
Bayern 2, Kulturjournal

»Enchanting prose that instantly transfixes the reader with its captivating rhythm, alternating between long and short sentences.«
Tomas Gärtner, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

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