Gert Loschütz: On the Pear Tree Meadow

Gert Loschütz
On the Pear Tree Meadow

young adult
children’s verses, with coloured drawings by Philip Waechter

80pp (5,900 words)

The witches Luzi, Heta and Vera are keeping their eyes on two small boys, brothers who have strayed onto the pear tree meadow with their hobby-horses. Whereas one brother goes riding on, the other finds himself involved in a strange game. Like the hero in the fairy tale he must fulfil a task and bring the wood carver at the edge of the meadow a pear tree bough. The wood carver makes little horses out of the wood and then breathes life into them. The story takes place in the space of a single night, and yet years seem to have passed by the time the brothers see each other again.

AUF DER BIRNBAUMWIESE is a miraculous work full of wit and imagination for both adults and children. A story about separation and reunion, about the beauty of nature and of art, a gently rhythmical dream fable.

Award-winning illustrator Philip Waechter, who is equally popular with children as he is with adults, has contributed his signature drawings.


»A modern fairytale. Loschütz and Waechter have created a book that keeps playing with contradictions. (...) A small masterpiece.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»A dreamlike tale of growing-up. AUF DER BIRNBAUMWIESE leads both children and adults into a dream world. With its simple and unstrained rhymes and its harmonious rhythm, this book is perfect to be read aloud. The beautiful and smooth drawings by Philip Waechter breathe life into the characters: a multi-layered fairy story between fantasy and reality, a great read for young and old.«
Frankfurter Neue Presse

»Let the rhythm of language take you away into a dreamland of nightly fears and morning yearning. Loschütz’ book suits children and adults alike. It is full of allusions to old folk tales, but the boys and animals on the Pear Tree Meadow are distinctly contemporary. Philip Waechter’s drawings fit brilliantly.«
Berliner Zeitung

»A delightful blend of fable, fairy tale, and (quite mature) clownery.«

»Close to everyday speech and at the same time wonderfully rhythmically, Gert Loschütz tells a story about two brothers who ride their hobby-horses out into the world. On a pear tree meadow they part and have to continue their nightly adventures on their own. With its gentle drawings by Philip Waechter, this is an ideal book to read aloud and to look at.«
Der Tagesspiegel

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