Gert Loschütz: Dark Company

Finalist Deutscher Buchpreis (German Book Award)

Gert Loschütz
Dark Company

Novel in Ten Rainy Nights

220pp (44,400 words)

Over ten rainy nights, Thomas, an ex-bargeman who used to be skipper of his own boat, walks the muddy fields of the landlocked German interior and remembers the events that lost him his home, his boat, and his livelihood: his apprenticeship in the cold halls of the Royal Naval College in London; the dangers of the mean streets and waterfront of New York in the 1970s, and Poland under martial law; Germany after the reunification, when for a year or so it seemed that the whole country drifted rudderless, drawn by the current of history to who knows where. Thomas remembers childhood, his first love, and the warnings of his grandfather: Beware the dark company! This mysterious band of men and women dressed in black cast a shadow over his story, as he wrestles with the secrets, the unplumbed depths of his soul, the hazards lurking below a seemingly placid surface, and throughout it all, the rain, falling night after night.

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»Are we confronted by parables here? Or are we still close to dreams which are capable of leading us onto the bizarre flatlands of a German landscape eroded by politics? With his DUNKLE GESELLSCHAFT Gert Loschütz has undeniably reached a peak of his prose art.«
Deutschlandfunk Radio

»This novel is breathtaking.«

»DUNKLE GESELLSCHAFT – a stroke of luck for every reader and a virtuoso work of literature (…).«
Frankfurter Rundschau

»A fascinating novel, whose spell the reader will hardly be able to resist.«

»Just as a fish pulled ashore panics because of the failure of its gills to breathe, so does the extraordinarily powerful language of the round of stories mount into a threatening rhapsody.«

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