Gabriele Tergit: The Old Garden

Gabriele Tergit
The Old Garden

Stories of Flowers and Gardens
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Flowers symbolize beauty and grace, the gentle splendour of silence. People decorate themselves and their homes with flowers, and hardly a festive occasion is celebrated without them. Flowers are found in coats of arms and rifle barrels, gentlemen wear white carnations in their buttonholes while workers have red carnations. Tulip mania in Holland gave rise to the stock exchange, and paradise itself was a garden...

Gabriele Tergit tells the many stories intertwined with flowers over the centuries in a highly amusing and informed style, taking as her motto a Japanese proverb: »Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands«.

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Italy - G. C. Sansoni
UK - Oswald Wolff

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»An enjoyable book for an afternoon in the hammock or on the lake.«

»Just like a small breathing space, a break from reality.«
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