Gabriele Tergit: The Happy Gardener

Gabriele Tergit
The Happy Gardener


162 pp (30,392 words)

According to a Chinese proverb, »If you want to be happy all your life, become a gardener.« Gabriele Tergit speaks of this happiness – of the love of flowers – in the second part of her book on the history and stories surrounding flowers and gardens.

At all times and in all countries, people have prized flowers and cherished gardens. Taking pleasure in their beauty and scents is as old as humanity itself. The great author Gabriele Tergit describes this millennia-old love affair with wit and wisdom.

Gabriele Tergit’s stories of Flowers and Gardens was initially published in 1958. The first part of the collection – titled »The Old Garden« – is already available as part of Schöffling & Co.’s gardening series. Further books by Gabriele Tergit are in preparation.

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»Just like a small breathing space, a break from reality.«
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