Gabriele Tergit: Of Spring and Loneliness

Gabriele Tergit
Of Spring and Loneliness

Reporting from the Courtroom
Stories, new

360pp (82,000 words)

Written in her unique literary style, the court reporting that Gabriele Tergit did for the Berlin-based newspaper the Börsen-Courier from 1924, the Berliner Tageblatt from 1925 and the weekly magazine Weltbühne from 1929 form the linchpin of her work as a journalist. Tergit saw the courtroom as a stage, and each trial as a new play. She was interested primarily in the unusual cases, in the compelling, strange, tragic character of the facts and the accused. Yet in every case brought before the court, she was always careful to observe the difficult social forces behind the scenes, and the social misery that drove people to commit criminal acts in the first place.

No historical report, no account, reveals the Weimar Republic and the interwar years more lucidly, more clear-sightedly or in a more multi-faceted way than Tergit’s journalism, from which Nicole Henneberg – editor of the already-released new editions of Tergit’s work at Schöffling & Co – has drawn a generous selection.


“No German-language journalist of the twenties observed more acutely or wrote more trenchantly … A female Alfred Polgar – only more passionate.”
Michael Bauer, Focus

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