Eugen Skasa-Weiß: The Art of Purring

Eugen Skasa-Weiß
The Art of Purring


144pp with colour photographs

»The cat has decided to remain a mystery for us humans and to hint at the fact that they do not have any intention to be like us.«
So wrote Eugen Skasa-Weiß, born in 1905, master of the classic feature writers in the tradition of Alfred Polgar and Victor Auburtin. He chats easily about cats, different in type and temperament, nice and bad ones, tender and grumpy, angelic and wild ones and their virtues and vices, about cats in literature and art.

These cat portraits by Eugen Skasa-Weiß are of the same light-fooded elegance as the little personalities to whom they are dedicated.

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paperback - Piper

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Taiwan - Crown Publishing / Chinese complex
Poland - Wiedza i Zycie

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