Eugen Skasa-Weiß: Life in Full Bloom

Eugen Skasa-Weiß
Life in Full Bloom


160pp (21,000 words)

Eugen Skasa-Weiß is considered a master of the classic journalistic essay in the tradition of Alfred Polgar and Victor Auburtin. His particular love was for plants and animals. LIFE IN FULL BLOOM describes flowers, berries and trees in magical style.

Snowdrops: You stand in the mud, songless and soundless, yet charming.

Violets: The gardener is familiar with the true psyche of the violet; the flower of modesty has the cutpurse manners of a bold weed, yet it drops its gaze.

Bindweed: Bindweed’s vampiric talent for looping in metres between wire mesh and neighbouring plants mocks the intelligent human hand.

A special book for lovers of gardens and flowers who appreciate language and style in all their subtlety.


»Highly recommended, entertaining reading!«
Maria Mail-Brandt,

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