Elsemarie Maletzke: Agathe’s Dark Garden

Elsemarie Maletzke
Agathe’s Dark Garden

fiction, new

Agathe is waiting but she doesn’t know for whom. She has bought the small mill with its overgrown garden because she thinks herself safe there from an anonymous blackmailer. Yet he is hot on her heels and she needs allies: young Andreas and his grandfather Adam. When Adam discovers the traces of a “cold” murder case involving an unknown woman, it becomes clear to them: the dead won’t let them go. The trail leads to Estonia where, unexpectedly, a young woman with the same name as the murder victim turns up. This raises more questions: Who is the dead person and what was she looking for at the mill? And what does the blackmailer have on the owner? In the dark garden, Agathe ultimately has to face her past.

Elsemarie Maletzke is a master of illusion: in her new crime novel, eccentric characters come together beneath the fruit trees — until this paradise turns out to be a crime scene and the garden a refuge for more than just one undetected murderer.


»Elsemarie Maletzke writes with a twinkle in her eye, spunk, and elegance, and she has fun with language and her quirky characters.«
Ursula May / Hessischer Rundfunk

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