David Finck: The Hiding Place

David Finck
The Hiding Place


256pp (60,000 words)

English sample translation (PDF)

>> A powerful debut and a thrilling new German voice

Philosophy student Jonas Duder disappears overnight without a trace. His brother Bernhard feels he is responsible, but when Gabriele fell in love with him he could not have known how much she meant to Jonas.

Five years later, Bernhard is living with Gabriele and working in a small law practice. Everything in his life seems perfect – if only Jonas had not left a gap that gains more and more power over Bernhard. His absent brother becomes a dark twin, pursuing Bernhard into his dreams. A series of eerie events finally brings Bernhard to the brink of his sanity.

DAS VERSTECK is the story of a love condemned to fail, and at the same time a clever literary game. David Finck writes about the threat of losing one’s identity in a world in which nothing is quite the way it should be.


»DAS VERSTECK by David Finck grandiosly plays with fear (...), engaging in a double play with disappearances and replacements on all narrative levels. A top-class debut.«
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»DAS VERSTECK is an entertaining novel sparkling with wit. The first few sentences already pull you in. David Finck shows his narrative as well as intellectual talent.«

»A clever author (...), a stroke of genius.«

»David Finck goes about telling his story in little fragments, wonderfully concise. He manages to intentionally confuse the reader by sending him on a wild goose chase only to reveal the great turning points of the novel very casually along the way.«
Kulturmagazin des Westens

»Fresh, entertaining, hilarious. DAS VERSTECK is intelligently written, full of irony and satire depicting bizarre characters. An incredible achievement - especially for a debut.«

Hessischer Rundfunk (hr2 Kultur)

»David Finck surprises with his witty narrative style.«


»DAS VERSTECK is a strikingly complex text allowing different interpretations. A gripping novel told with incisive humour, featuring unusual characters that mirror the eccentricity of the protagonist.«