Carolin Callies: scrapes & coffers

Carolin Callies
scrapes & coffers

poetry, new

100pp (8,500 words)

Carolin Callies’s vivid world enchants her readers; she opens spaces, landscapes and relationships, peering deep into trenches. Her poems are utterly contemporary, fresh and bold, lyrical on the highest level, with an unforgettable voice. In her new collection, scrapes & coffers, we read pittance & puppetry, skim atlas of a rendezvous, flick through a bulwark of breadcrumbs or landscapes without crusts. In these new poems, countless small areas are measured, occupied, populated, displaced or erased, including (trap–)doors, caskets, boxes, enclosures, defences, sifters and holes.

Press quotes on her first book, five senses & only one cutlery drawer:

»Carolin Callies has written the most important poetry debut of the season.«
Richard Kämmerlings, Literarische Welt

»An astounding debut, extremely courageous … the Song of Solomon under other auspices.«
Insa Wilke, Deutschlandfunk

»A brilliant debut, a new poetic voice, which has developed a very sensual, burlesque poetry of the body, flirting with obscenities.«
Michael Braun, Neue Zürcher Zeitung


»Radical honesty in every verse.«
Björn Hayer, NZZ am Sonntag

»Amazingly playful and bustling.«
Elisa Weinkötz, fixpoetry

»Callies’s poems convince with their unerring eloquence and create fantastic, thought-provoking images.«
Silke Beckmann, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

»Callies blends the historical background with the eeriness of the fairytale.«
Stephanie Ball, Mannheimer Morgen

»Her poems are critical of culture and politics, full of Dadaist gags and sophisticated wit.«
Pascal Fischer, Südwestrundfunk

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Carolin Callies: five senses & a single cutlery box