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Carolin Callies

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How would it be if the smallest particle in the world, the invisible building blocks of life, could speak to us? What do you hear when you take a literary journey into their growth to granular constellations and their decay into atomic fission? This is the question Carolin Callies seeks to answer in her poem. In a lyrical experimental arrangement she substitutes the microscope with the instruments of language to look at unicellular organisms, nuclei and splinters. She explores their manifold connections in the human body and in nature. Hello, hello, we sometimes hear, we are waving at you through the magnifying glass! Biblical and scientific creation myths become discernible, letters and signs drizzle across the page, the DNA of poetry reveals itself.
In particlezoo, Carolin Callies dares to experiment, naming the tiniest thing and giving it language. For this endeavor she was awarded a scholarship by the Deutscher Literaturfond and the Förderpreis of the Deutscher Preis für Nature Writing.

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