Burkhard Spinnen: The Great Rabbit Revenge Plan

Oldenburg Children's Literature Prize

German Audio Book Award

Burkhard Spinnen
The Great Rabbit Revenge Plan

fiction, young adult
Jacket illustration by Nikolaus Heidelbach.

292pp (53,250 words)

English sample translation (PDF 25 KB)

Konrad Bantelmann is no expert when it comes to divorce. But Friederike, Fridz to her friends, is unfortunately all too well acquainted with it as her parents have just separated. For some time now Konrad has successfully avoided problems in general and girls in particular, but by a stroke of misfortune he somehow plants in Fridz's mind the idea of seeking revenge on her father's girlfriend. Nor is that the worst of it - he himself, peace-loving model son that he is, who likes nothing better than to listen to his father's bedtime stories, is dragged into organising this turbulent red-headed girl's crusade of vengeance. And their secret weapon is nothing other than an extraordinarily large rabbit.
Burkhard Spinnen offers no clichés, no happy ending or easy solution, making this novel so extremely readable and witty and wise.

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audio book (digital) - Argon/Sauerländer

Previously published (rights reverted)
Brazil - Companhia das Letras
China (simple) - Shanghai Translation
Georgian Republic - Ibis
Hungary - Europa
Italy - Fabbri RCS Rizzoli
Japan - Tokuma Shoten
Korea - Dulnyouk
Poland - Bertelsmann Media
Spain (Castilian World) - Siruela
Taiwan (complex) - New Sprouts
UK - Little Island
Slovenia – MIŠ založba

paperback – btb/Omnibus
audio book – Patmos
book club – Büchergilde Gutenberg

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»An exceptional novel standing in the tradition of the great European Young Adult Literature, a paramount piece of prose.«
Oldenburg Award for Young Adult Literature, The Jury

»BELGISCHE RIESEN has everything an audio book needs: It is warm-hearted, entertaining, and exciting – one for the entire family.«
German Audio Book Award, The Jury

»What impressed me most with this book is how well Burkhard Spinnen succeeds in putting himself into children’s souls, especially in those being confronted with their parents separation. I think BELGISCHE RIESEN is magnificent, it’s enchanting.«

ranked among 7 best books for Young Readers

ranked among Top Ten in Books for Young Adults
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»A stroke of luck for the German Youth Literature.«
German Youth Literature Award, The Jury

»Even in the field of Young Adult Literature Spinnen continues to be a top author.«
Der Tagesspiegel

»Written at breakneck speed, imaginative, full of wit and humour.«
Norddeutscher Rundfunk

»The moral of this story is brilliantly hidden behind amusing day-to-day scenes even adults could fancy.«

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