Burkhard Spinnen: Dignity and Stuff

Burkhard Spinnen
Dignity and Stuff


ca. 240pp

English sample translation (pdf)

Do we have the right to find pandas funny? Should men wear hats? What was your happiest day? And what was your worst ever Christmas present? Please send your answers, 3,500 to 4,200 characters in length, to the editor by the day after tomorrow by 11.
Burkhard Spinnen, »master storyteller« (Focus), takes a truly wicked pleasure in these opportunities to find the everyday quite strange and the white noise of breaking news outrageous. Ultimately, it was this insatiable curiosity and individual view of the world that made him become a writer.

KRAM UND WÜRDE is a chronological collection of Spinnen’s commentaries and features.


»Cleverly, effortlessly, Spinnen explores the phenomenon of everyday life.«
Darmstädter Echo

»Spinnen proves himself an unobstrusive observer of reality.«
Frankfurter Neue Presse

»A great writer also in the short form. (...) Ther subtle irony and beautiful rhythm make Spinnen’s texts a sheer delight.«
Fuldaer Zeitung

»Prose so precise and articulate is rarely to be found in German literature.«
Gießener Allgemeine

»Clear-sighted, keen-witted, philantropic.«
Wiener Zeitung

»Burkhard Spinnen’s texts are like the Football World Cup: an ongoing party.«
Die Presse

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