Bernd Wagner: The Flood in Saxony (Die Sintflut in Sachsen)

Bernd Wagner
The Flood in Saxony (Die Sintflut in Sachsen)


432pp (108,000 words)

The portrait of a family in post-war East Germany

In Wurzen, a small city near Leipzig, the Wagner family runs a blacksmith’s that forms the centre of family life. This is where young Max grows up. His father and Uncle Fritz work in the smithy, Uncle Walter at the scrapyard, while his mother tells stories.

Max Wagner takes us through the streets, giving us an insight into the political and social conditions in the rural GDR, into intrigues and plans for the future, and into many intellectual ideas we thought we’d long since overcome.

Through narrative flashbacks, Bernd Wagner depicts a world still lit by gas, where iron stoves roar and a railway journey is an adventure. Yet this is no idyll, no nostalgic paean to a vanished land. Rather, THE FLOOD IN SAXONY is a panorama of German life, an exploration of the era after the Second World War, in which two German states emerged and numerous conflicts bubbled beneath the surface.


»A self-critical heimat novel.«
Hans-Christoph Buch, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»An enormous panorama of life during the division of Germany in the past century.«
Thomas Mayer, Leipziger Volkszeitung

»A touching literary retrospect.«
»With great human comedy, this wonderful novel raises one important question: How to maintain a feeling of home in a global and digital reality without drowning in dull nationalist sentiments.«
MDR Artour (TV)

»These bulging images also have something archaically comfortable.«
Salli Sallmann, rbb Kulturradio

»(...) a novel, beautifully to read, whose plot, characters, and places need time to grow on you. Then, however, every page is a pleasure.«
Swenja Brauer,

»THE FLOOD IN SAXONY is a book about life and times, about happiness and pain, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny.«
Thomas Mayer, Bücherwelten