Axel Eggebrecht: Cats

Axel Eggebrecht

fiction, new

120 pp.

>> Gift book for all cat lovers

>> With an epilogue by Kurt Tucholsky

>> Axel Eggebrecht commissioned the Viennese illustrator Dolbin himself to illustrate his cat book

Without a doubt: CATS by Axel Eggebrecht is the world’s greatest cat book!


»A charming little book has been published to which one can wholeheartedly say ‘yes!’: Quietly and imperceptibly, Axel Eggebrecht has taken center stage with this book. Let’s see. The cat’s amorality and meaninglessness, its intangibility; the quiet sparks that end-lessly spray from its fur, and then the other thing ... unnamable ... this little book, which, incidentally, is attractively designed, contains all that. ‘They glide,’ so he writes, ‘they glide between the joints of our porous lives’—that’s good. Every piece in this little col-lection is a gem: how charmingly he circumvents the boredom on the horizon in the chapter ‘The Cat from Charles the Great to the Present’! Cats and children—cats and flowers: this entire page is a true little jewel.«
Kurt Tucholsky, Die Weltbühne, 8 November 1927